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Some Upcoming Lounge and Club Events:

Mar 24 Fri   Touch of Silk 8pm - 11pm  
Mar 24 Fri   Mickey Utley Band 8:30pm  
Mar 24 Fri   In-A-Fect 9pm  
Mar 25 Sat   Touch of Silk (After Concert) 9:30pm - 12:30am  
Mar 25 Sat   Mickey Utley Band 8:30pm  
Mar 25 Sat   In-A-Fect 9pm  
Mar 26 Sun   NiteKings 6pm - 9pm  
Mar 26 Sun   Walk Off Hits 8pm  
Mar 27 Mon   Latin Dance Party with Claudine Castro 9pm  
Mar 28 Tue   Walk Off Hits 8pm  
Mar 29 Wed   Walk Off Hits 8pm  
Mar 29 Wed   NiteKings 5pm  
Mar 30 Thu   Next Movement 8pm - 11pm  
Mar 30 Thu   Walk Off Hits 8pm  
Mar 31 Fri   Just Us 8pm - 11pm  
Mar 31 Fri   Seth Turner Band 8:30pm  
Apr 01 Sat   Just Us 8pm - 11pm  
Apr 01 Sat   Seth Turner Band 8:30pm  
Apr 02 Sun   NiteKings 6pm - 9pm  
Apr 06 Thu   Next Movement 8pm - 11pm  
Apr 07 Fri   In-A-Fect 8pm - 11pm  
Apr 08 Sat   In-A-Fect 8pm - 11pm  
Apr 09 Sun   NiteKings 6pm - 9pm  
Apr 13 Thu   Next Movement 8pm - 11pm  
Apr 14 Fri   Lady Brandy 8pm - 11pm  
Apr 15 Sat   Lady Brandy 8pm - 11pm  
Apr 16 Sun   NiteKings 6pm - 9pm  
Apr 20 Thu   Next Movement 8pm - 11pm  

Full List of Las Vegas Club Events

Full List of Las Vegas Lounge Events

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